Top Five Burgers in Budapest – 2016

For me, there is no better way to begin any exploration of Budapest than with its food and beers. So the first thing I did after booking a flight was to start my research about the local cuisine. I was particularly interested in the local Burgers, Beers and Traditional food. I did discover that Budapest developed enormously over the last 25 years and has become a gastronomic heaven that will delight foodies – particularly those with a desire for meat-heavy dishes.
My main purpose was to find the best burgers in town but not those who considered to be expensive and super prestigious.
So if your next trip is to Budapest and you are a burger seeker like me, check out my list below of the top five flavorite burgers that I would love to try myself.
Top Five Burgers in Budapest

Magic Burger

  • Magic Burger is not a fancy restaurant but it is cozy and pleasant to visit and enjoy your meaty burger.
    This burger house located on the south side of Buda.
    You get to be deliciously creative structuring your own burger. You will get to choose the type and size of meat (Beef. Chicken, pork or Fish), there are several bun choices as well and other ingredients you may want to add on top of the regular toppings.
    Eventually you will find you self holding a great looking burger hugged by homemade buns and sauces, fresh vegetables, and tons of melted cheese and fries.
    The quality of these burgers and the big juicy portions they serve up manage to attract crowds of visitors who won’t be intimidated by the long waiting line in any time of year.
    Website – 4.7 of 5 stars from 347 Google reviews
    Facebook – 4.7 of 5 stars from 55
    TripAdvisor – 4 of 5 stars from 91
    Address – 1116 Budapest, Barázda utca 40
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Pesti Burger

  • You won’t find much information about this burger place, and even if you do most of it taken from Hungarian websites. According to TripAdvisor reviews in Petsi Burger bar you will enjoy local ingredients, juicy meat, homemade chips and excellent coleslaw that will doubtfully create the perfect unforgettable impression together with fantastically delicious taste.
    Google Reviews: 4.5 of 5 stars from 78 Reviewers
    Facebook – 4.5 of 5 stars from 309
    TripAdvisor  – 4 of 5 stars from 77
    Address – Tompa utca 21, Budapest 1094, Hungary
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Ring Café & Burger Bar

  • This Burger Bar located on Andrassy Ave and was selected as one of the best Burger in Budapest in a competition through the city. They serve juicy burgers that are made of 100% pure beef sirloin,  with fresh salad, fries, and home made ketchup. The burgers are made with a variety of topping and souses what creates a menu with over 20 different burgers..
    On the Menu:
    The Gipsy Burger – 2×150 gram patties, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, fresh vegetables, peppered bacon and spicy hungarian lecsó
    Old Fashion Burger – 150 grams patty with two slices of cheddar cheese and bacon
    Smokey Jalapeno Burger  –  Spicy! 150 grams smoky flavour patty served with jalapeno pepper slices
    Vega Burger –  Grilled goat’s cheese and zucchini slices with hummus and mushroom

    Google Reviews: 4 of 5 stars from 85 Reviewers
    Facebook – 4.4 of 5 stars from 640 reviewers
    TripAdvisor – 4 of 5 stars from 288 reviewers
    Address – Andrassy ut 38, Budapest 1061, Hungary
    ring cafe budapest-2016

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Black Cab Burger

  • This Burger place was opened by Joe József Tóth who started off as a dishwasher boy in England. Black Cab Burger was selected as the best burger place of its category in Budapest. It has fair prices and the indoor design is cozy with a taste of an American Diner. In addition to the regular beef patty, there is grilled bacon, English cheddar cheese, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, jalapeno pepper, tomato, white onion, and pickled cucumber between the toasted buns. If you get thirsty you can enjoy draft and bottled English beers and drinks.
    Address – Two locations:
    Mester utca 46, Budapest 1095,
    Rákóczi út 19, 1088 Budapest
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  • W35 is a American and Mexican grill kitchen. The buns are baked on the spot, you can choose between lamb, beef and chicken patties. A variety of patties, sauces and toppings creating the perfect combination of delicious and unforgettable burger experience. Their website is very modern and interactive with juicy explanation about everyone of the burgers on the menu.
    Address – Three locations:
    W35 Premium- 1072 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 35.
    W35 Rom – 1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 21.
    W35 Buda- 1111 Budapest, Karinthy Frigyes út 18
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